Freedom of the Seas, breakdown illustration.

Cutaway technical illustration,
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Freedom of the Seas.
Final rendering of Royal Caribbean Cruise lines,"Freedom of the Seas" cutaway technical illustration.
First inking of the profile in ilustrator, corrected dimensions and deck layout. "Freedom of the Seas"
Swinging the profile drawing into perspective in illustrator. "Freedom of the Seas"
Now we can ink the individual deck plans.The red box outline are an aid to positioning the decks correctly, you just have to line up the corners and you are done. "Freedom of the Seas"
Putting the deck elevation into perpective in illustrator. "Freedom of the Seas"
Projecting verticals from one deck to another, slowly builds the ship. "Freedom of the Seas"
Almost completed line art, some of the deck guides are still visible. "Freedom of the Seas"
Apart for furniture the line art is done. "Freedom of the Seas"
Freedom of the Seas, Children"s play area
Freedom of the Seas, Conference area.
Freedom of the Seas, Promenade.
Freedom of the Seas, Multi level Dining.
Freedom of the Seas, Food court.
Freedom of the Seas, Gym.
Freedom of the Seas, Ice rink.
Freedom of the Seas, Sports court and Night club.
Freedom of the Seas, Main promenade.
Freedom of the Seas, Solarium.
Freedom of the Seas, Waverider.

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