Royal Tyrell Museum Map.

Museum attractions infographic
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology needed an orientation map, but they wanted something a little more three dimensional than the usual museum maps.
Royal Tyrell Museum. This is one of the final versions of the map, the othere is at the borttom of the page.Royal Tyrell Museum.
Royal Tyrell Museum. The drawing on the right is the plan view we drew in illustrator, it perspective was then twisted to produce the drawing on the right. This was then the basis for the painting
Royal Tyrell Museum. Dimension was then added to the 3/4 view, and the building started to take shape.
Royal Tyrell Museum. This is the looses sketch to see where we are going to put stuff and what needs to be realized.
Royal Tyrell Museum. This is the other final version, just a different background.

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